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  • david novak
  • gordon gee
  • vance caesar
  • leslie wexnar
  • joshua reeves
  • josue robles jr
  • gary shorb
  • gail bourdeaux
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  • sharen turney
  • mike glenn
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  • lloyd greif
  • "Larry Senn and the concepts he teaches like the Mood Elevator have had a profound impact on my career, the success of YUM! Brands around the world and on me personally."
    David Novak
    Chairman and CEO, YUM! Brands
    Author of "Taking People with You"
    2012 CEO of the Year
  • "Larry Senn has had a profound influence on my life through elegant, yet simple principles, now found in ‘Up the Mood Elevator.’ Practice the lessons in ‘Up the Mood Elevator’ and the arc of your life will be changed forever…for the better."
    Dr. Gordon Gee
    President, The Ohio State University
  • "Larry's gift of offering simple plus powerful guidance to high happiness and success is masterful. The Mood Elevator tool is helping change lives, organizations and families; thus our world. I invite any leader interested in upping their own and their organization’s mood and impact to read 'Up the Mood Elevator'."
    Vance Caesar, PhD
    Author of "The High Achievers' Guide to Happiness and Uncommon Career Success"
  • "'Up the Mood Elevator' inspires leaders to live more of life at their best, build better relationships and create more success."
    Leslie H. Wexner
    Chairman and CEO, Limited Brands
  • "'Up the Mood Elevator' is an engaging lift into the deeper aspects of our selves and the richest parts of our lives. Through his immense personal and corporate experience, Larry Senn shares practical wisdom on how to enhance our success in business, relationships, health, and everyday living."
    Reverend Joshua Reeves
  • "This book is the ticket for anyone who wants to spend more time on the top floors of the Mood Elevator. There is much to be gained from an attitude of gratitude and understanding how to get there. Larry Senn is doing a great service by bringing the Mood Elevator to a larger audience."
    General Josue (Joe) Robles, Jr.
    President and CEO, USAA
    The number one service company in America
  • "The Mood Elevator is the best thinking and guidance I have ever read on healthy living for individuals and healthy cultures for organizations. The tools are being used and embraced in our organization and we are experiencing remarkable results."
    Gary Shorb
    CEO Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
  • "In Up the Mood Elevator, Larry Senn has given leaders a remarkably effective tool to harness the power of introspection to focus on what matters most to their organization's success and to help them be their personal best both in and outside of the office."
    Gail K. Boudreaux
    CEO United Healthcare
  • "It is one of the most inspiring books I have read in my lifetime. The ideas match with mine as I am also fitness freak having hailed from Indian Air Force. Senn’s ideas and approach appear me like that of Peter Drucker who balanced his personal, professional and social life and enjoyed mountaineering, trekking and swimming. In fact, he may be the living Peter Drucker."
    Professor M.S. Rao
    International Leadership Expert
  • "Limited Brands and their Victoria's Secret Brand were named the Most Admired Specialty Retailer of 2011 by Fortune. They also had the highest same store sales gains. Senn Delaney played a role both with the CEO and senior team and by bringing concepts like the Mood Elevator to every store around the world."
    Sharen Turney
    CEO, Victoria's Secret
  • "The Mood Elevator had been a tremendous tool in helping our team elevate the energy and commitment to the task at hand."
    Mike Glenn
    CEO, FedEx Services
  • "Once again Larry Senn has written a book which is simple to understand but has profound implications on how we interact. He makes the point that we are in control of our mood. I highly recommend this book."
    Tom Voss
    CEO, Ameren Corporation
  • "Larry Senn transforms already hardworking and smart winners and takes them to a much higher level of performance. My personal learning regarding the Mood Elevator and the Shadow I cast on the organization had an immediate and very positive impact on the morale of our executive team."
    Ahmad R. Chatila
    CEO, MEMC/SunEdison
  • "Up the Mood Elevator – Living Life At Your Best’ is a must ‘read.’ It provides essential information on the impact your own Mood Elevator has on your individual life, your family and friends, and the culture of your organization."
    Steve Gabbe
    CEO Ohio State University
  • "The book is brilliant! Growing up, the book that influenced me perhaps more than any was Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich'. This is really like the modern day version of think and grow rich ... the concept that our thinking"
    Robert Reiss
    Host, The CEO Show
  • "'Up the Mood Elevator' is a great book. Reading it and, more importantly, putting its wisdom and insights into daily practice, has had a profound effect on my life—both business and personal."
    Lloyd Greif
    CEO Greif & Co.

We all ride the Mood Elevator every day. Wouldn't it be great if we knew the right button to push to move toward the top of our personal mood elevator? Wouldn't it be useful if there were ways to make our visits to the lower levels of shorter duration and less intense?

This book reveals some profound principles, fascinating concepts and useful practical tools to help you better ride your own mood elevator. That in turn will help you improve your experience of life, enhance your results, build better relationships and create success with less stress.