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  • Dr. Larry Senn is chairman and founder of Senn Delaney, widely known as The Culture-Shaping Firm. He has been referred to in business journals as "the father of corporate culture” based on his field research: the first systematic study ever conducted on the concept of corporate culture. His studies were published as his doctoral dissertation in 1970. This led him to an early personal vision of finding a way to enhance the lives of people, the effectiveness of teams, and the spirit and performance of organizations. That vision became Senn Delaney; the first firm dedicated to shaping the culture of organizations.

    Senn Delaney has worked with over 100 Fortune 500 CEOs and their teams, University Presidents, State Governors, and members of U.S. presidential cabinets. He is also co-author of several earlier books including the best selling book Winning Teams, Winning Cultures and 21st Century Leadership.

    Larry has a BS in engineering, an MBA from UCLA, and a doctorate degree in business administration from USC where he later served as faculty. He was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in Southern California.
  • Larry's passion for health and fitness started with his interest in sports during high school and college. He was team captain and the Pac 10 champion in gymnastics at UCLA and coached UCLA gymnastics after graduation.

    Today Larry runs, swims, water skis, stand-up paddles, body boards and rides bikes. He has won sprint triathlons in Long Beach, Seal Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach in his age group.
  • Larry is a husband, father, grandfather, and Sunday school teacher. He lives in Sunset Beach, California, with his wife, Bernadette, and their 12-year-old son Logan who is mentioned often in the book.

    The Senn family has a deep commitment to family, faith, fitness and well-being. Larry and Bernadette have a daughter, Kendra, who is CEO and founder of a wellness/fitness business called The Fit Life. They also have three older sons (Kevin, Darin and Jason), as well as five grandchildren. Their oldest son, Kevin, is a world-class kite surfer who owns a retail business on the North Shore of Oahu called Surf and Sail. Darin is a Vice President and the Creative Director at Senn Delaney. Jason runs Endless Summer Surf Camps around the world and was part of the gold-medal-winning 2011 US Olympic team at the World Masters Surfing Championship in El Salvador.

    Bernadette retired from Senn Delaney to be a full time mother. She was VP HR at Senn Delaney and was co author of an earlier book - The Human Operating System - An Owners Manual.

The Senn Family

Most of the concepts in Up the Mood Elevator came from Larry’s life experience. Much of that life experience is rooted in his 40-some years with his wife Bernadette - finding ways to grow themselves and enhance their relationship while applying lessons learned in raising an extended family. The Senn family includes five children, three daughter-in-laws and five grandchildren. You will find some common themes as you read about each the Senn children below. Those themes include family first, a commitment to fitness, a desire to make a difference, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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  • Bernadette Senn

    Bernadette and Larry got married in Palos Verdes in 1980 and have been madly in love ever since. Larry's "soulmate" as he calls her graduated from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in 1969 and then received her MBA from USC in 1984. She was the Executive Vice President of HR of Senn Delaney for over 20 years and later retired to spend more time with her younger kids: Kendra and Logan. She and Larry also co-wrote The Human Operating System, which is still used to this day in Senn Delaney seminars.

    Not your typical Mom, you can find Bernadette zip-lining in Costa Rica, running (and winning) 5K runs, slalom water-skiing, motorcycle riding in Wisconsin, or playing with her 5 grandkids. She also enjoys donating her time to Logan's school, Westerly, in planning their annual fundraiser.
  • Logan Senn

    Logan is the youngest of the Senn kids, although you wouldn't guess that, as he’s already taller than his older sister Kendra! He is currently in 7th grade at the Westerly School of Long Beach and is consistently at the top of his class. Logan plays clarinet in the school orchestra and is very dedicated to Champions Quest, a youth sports training program and a club volleyball team.

    For fun, Logan is often in front of his house in the ocean boogie boarding and surfing or playing on the computer. He hopes one day to attend USC and follow in his dad's footsteps working at Senn Delaney.
  • Kendra Senn

    Being the only sister in the Senn clan has not stopped Kendra from keeping up with the boys. She is finishing up her B.S. in Business Administration at USC where she is also actively involved with the entrepreneur program. Her sophomore year she began her entrepreneurial journey hosting fitness classes and weight loss programs at multiple Orange County corporations. More recently she has started a company called The Fit Life. The Fit Life is a complete online wellness program that helps corporations and their employees live happier, healthier, and more energized lives.

    Kendra has always been a little bit of a tomboy and in her spare time she enjoys rollerblading, going to the beach, traveling, country concerts, cooking, and hanging out with her friends and family. She has also been actively involved helping her Dad with the launch of Up the Mood Elevator. To learn more about Kendra's business visit www.thefitlife.com
  • Kevin Senn

    Known around the world as “Top Hat,” Kevin has become the unofficial mayor of the North Shore of Oahu, which he calls home. Formerly a professional windsurfer, Kevin was one of the first pioneers in the sport of kite surfing and is now one of the most recognized competitors in the sport He competed in the World Champions in Kite Surfing in Maui in 2012. After attending Hawaii Pacific University, he founded and is still the owner of Haleiwa Surf & Sail, a surf shop located in the historic Haleiwa town on the North Shore. Outside of his fun work projects and kite surfing, Kevin enjoys hanging out with his beautiful wife Kelly in their home above Shark's Cove.
  • Darin Senn

    Darin is the second oldest of the Senn kids and currently lives in Huntington Beach, CA with his wife Lisa and his daughters Taylor, Kalifornia, and Lexi. Since graduating from the United States International University he has worked at Senn Delaney for 15 years and is their head of product development department. He has also ran seminars for Fortune 500 companies with his dad, Larry for 15 years. He is the VP Creative Director and the innovator of Senn Delaney processes like eCoach, the Champion process, and the associate-level leader-led process. Darin also trains consultants and clients in the use of new products and leads Senn Delaney's culture shaping sessions for clients when called upon.

    Formerly a professional body builder, you can still find Darin wow-ing people at the gym with his extremely innovative routines on strength, balance, and flexibility. Darin's wife Lisa is a party planner and home decorator extraordinaire. His eldest daughter, Taylor, is currently attending California State University, Long Beach, Kalifornia is an aspiring surfer, and his youngest daughter Lexi is a gymnast, drummer, and dancer.
  • Jason Senn

    Jason is the world traveler of the group, fueled with his love of surfing for the past 30 years. He was a professional surfer competing with names like Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, and Taylor Knox. In 1999 he placed 2nd on the Professional Surfing Tour of America. After retiring from his professional career, Jason attended and graduated from the United States International University alongside of his wife Elenice. Since then he has started Endless Summer Surf Camp, which has now become Southern California's most renowned surf camp. Some of his clients include Leonardo diCaprio, Gisele Bundchen, and Julia Roberts.

    His wife Elenice started the world's first all women's surf retreat, "Kelea Surf Spa," which is located in Costa Rica and the North Shore of Oahu. Women on this week-long trip enjoy surf lessons, massages, yoga, hiking, and much more. Together, Jason and Elenice have two boys, Nathan and Nolan, who are already world travelers and are surfing like their dad did. Last year Jason was invited to participate in the ISSA World Master's tournament in El Salvador where he helped the U.S. take home the gold medal. He will be participating again this year. To learn more about Endless Summer Surf Camp go to www.endlesssummersurfamp.com and to learn more about Kelea Surf Spa go to www.keleasurfspa.com