The Mood Elevator is our moment-to-moment experience of life. It encompasses a wide range of feelings. Together these emotions play a major role in defining the quality of our lives as well as our effectiveness. Larry Senn's purpose in writing Up the Mood Elevator is to help more people live life at their best.
Today most organizations operate with fewer people doing more work at a faster pace than ever before-often in less-than-healthy corporate cultures. The concepts in this book consistently move cultures out of the "red" zone and towards a healthy and fast-paced organization. It's no accident that Senn Delaney's clients who bring concepts like the Mood Elevator to life in their organizations can be found on the industry lists of Fortune's "most admired" companies.
Many of the concepts described in the book (mild preference, separate realities, seeing innocence) can be used to create better relationships at work and more loving relationships at home. Nowhere is The Mood Elevator more helpful than when it comes to building relationships. That's because your connection to others and to the world around you is dependent on how well we manage to ride The Mood Elevator.